Sunday, July 25, 2010

She's your morning read

The way she spreads across the table/ knows what she wants
caresses your forearm/ as you bring her close closer eyeing
where you find her own smell/ so romantic

The newspaper wants you/ to unfold her/ from the crease
ruffle her pages/out of order/ mess her contents/up

On the table/ take /your time now / a slow read
the inserts/ pull them/ out / lick & turn/ her over

Saturday, July 24, 2010

And knees, use them, to stand

Through the porthole window of a ship I look
uncertain if I’m out or I’m in
Still I bend at the hip
wanting a certain woman to
shush these words / Take me
some other place

Also, rivers in my dreams I wake
wet with sweat, thirst / Back where
I started the night before
The horizon of her eyes

And always, that mountain in my mind / The distance
Feet to earth/ Put them down
And knees/ Use them/ To stand

So studious

All while breathing she wants you to make her move/ Bring your hands
up the dragging night/ train of that dress she wears/ She’s hard
to miss/ Beneath it naked/ All day crossing and uncrossing
her legs/ Those thoughts she has/ When it rains a lot/ The shape
of what she wants/ Wants to un cover how you taste

how she’ll school herself in each subject
of your body/ Your ears/ Your neck/ Breasts

Let’s begin she says/ In the north she’ll slow bird
head south/ Not too soon/ Where it’s wet/ And it’s warm

She’s slow to learn/ Very studious
She’ll get it/ If you give her time



Been too long /Might die/ Please kiss
Please touch/ Me soon
I need you to treat me improper

A woman’s hands and these here hips
Your hips and these here hands
Let’s let them pray /For fire

For you /This geiser bursting soon
How long /Till you come
For me will you ever say yes?

With my eyes I trace where you’ve been
Try to find you/ Each time you’ve just left
Your smell there/ I always miss you

Friday, July 23, 2010



As she freefalls into the canyon/ The dive
I can hear it thumping in her mouth
She who makes alive staying/ This place/ A little easier
My muscle between her teeth/ My wild/ My bloodclock
Keeps time now in the space of her

The limestone wall/ That rose its red stone wave
As I fell/ Gripped beneath incisors/ Shrinks to prayer's pose
As the Sun/ Her great wings fan
Rise high/ Where circles made
Inside her mouth/ Flick shadows across the dust

Saturday, July 17, 2010


From the slug outside my door/ The one that’s left
her iridescence in the light i learn/ Teacher of downward slow
Earthglide she without shell/ Antennae’d feeler
Her way blindly through/ Vibrations she slurps
up the rain/ Leaves stones for slow drinks
Along grains she’s time lost/ In dark travel
The past in rivers behind

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to Eat a Porkchop of Hurt

How to Eat a Porkchop of Hurt

Trim away fat anger, Cut bone off, Blot til napkin stix
Peel off, Plate of lonely, Serve, Centered sad. Knife to bits
Fork, Chew, Swallow.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An often torch-ure

If i promise to slide in mornings down
into book sheets
Tuck myself Quietly in
Will you bring me there
Your hair where coffee smells gather

If this heart promises to break
a little more often
While you in the other room reach up to the shelf
Days spent simplelistening
to the effects of your breathing

Would you let me evesdrop there

Imagine: two serious ones
Covered in each other's tenders
i crack open at each of these thoughts Relentless
A pile of envelopes licked in the night
i can not write your name on

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ms. Donut

Ms. Donut

With that hole she ain’t a lady / she’s too edible
That hole / finger place / intentionally round

Heldup to moonlight /the shine comes through
Catches on dimpled glaze

Your tongue on her raft / waters rise
Till who melts who / not so clear