Thursday, May 31, 2012

The saddest thing

is a widower with sunblock

and a roof-top pool   unable
to reach that place 

where his wings would be
had his parents been crows  

but had his parents and he
all been crows and feathered

he wouldn't need the sunblock
fingers   the arms to reach there    

but if by some instinct he as a crow 
found himself beside the same 

pool with its smoky city views
and a roof-top widower 

was there   he as a crow would think 
nothing  of him   nothing but how 

the light burns off his glasses 

They who leave a penny on the bottom

do so not because they made a wish
the day the pool opened for chlorinated
business   but for some kind 
of foot fetish  or fetish with places people
hold their breaths temporarily

I'm sorry but that's a place
we all go alone regardless
of what shiny object or lack
left to gleam and be reached for    I don't know 
but some people are so twisted   so pissed in 
that any kind of psychological chlorine 
couldn't begin to cleanse their dead-bug 
slurping soul