Monday, January 19, 2009

Setting the Scene

What is the purpose, the form, the theme of this blog? I ask myself. I'm not sure. -I could it break down Doogie Howser style, offering my thoughts, insights and reactions to the world at large (and assume you find it worth your time to read). I could use this blog as a means to academically examine the world, which is in every possible way, a text that can be interpreted to reveal the world in which I live. I could blog as an act of feminism, a reclamation of power through which morseled fractions of my life as a female- as the "other" are revealed to the degree that I am willing to share them. I could use this as a forum to collage the images, random thoughts and realizations of a woman in her twenties that may very well be of little use to everyone but myself.
Needless to say, the possibilities of this blog's content and form are all risky. Risky because sharing myself with you, the wide world's web in 2009, is an unsafe thing to do, regardless of the time period. But for reasons, formats and themes that may evolve in time and reveal themselves to not only myself, but to my audience,(if I have one), I'm thinking that I'll do it anyway.
Adrienne Rich said it best.-"I am an instrument in the shape of a woman, trying to translate pulsations into images for the relief of the body and the reconstruction of the mind," Planetarium. And as the title of this blog refers to Adrienne Rich's poem, "Diving into the Wreck," I continue to step down the ladder, suited in the wet suit, the awkward flippers, the tight mask. I have my knife; it's blade is mirror polished and surgeon sharp. I have my camera; its lense, my eyes, are polished open. And lastly, I've read the book, the book of myths. In fact, I've read the whole series.
With "no one to tell me where the ocean begins," I decide I'll dive into what is blue and liquid because it seems like the best place to start. Did I mention that I never did learn how to dive? Thank Goddess for metaphor.

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