Sunday, June 20, 2010

A soft place

After/while reading Judy Grahn's A Highest Apple, recommended by a teacher, I wrote the poem far below and shortly after, while continuing Apple, read the below excerpt which interacts most serindiptously with my poem. Don't you think?

from Pat Parker's GROUP:

there are new lessons
new teachers
each week I go to my group
see women
Black women
Beautiful Black Women
& I am in love
with each of them
&this is important
in the loving
in the act of loving
each woman
I have learned a new lesson
I have learned
to love myself

A soft place

A soft place for women to be exact
many soft places for many women
many soft places of my own for women
for my own woman
for my own many women
(for I am many women)

I am many women having many soft places
Many of which many women do touch
For the many women that I am
have also touched other women’s own soft places
For there are many soft places inside
each woman’s women

How we touch each other softly
Soft to soft till softer how we move
how many of us how many places there are

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