Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recycled: yourwordmywords

Each section of this series was created from notes/letters I recycled into poems. Each recycled note/letter has its own section, (aside from the last, which combines two short letters) and is in the consecutive order inwhich the originals were received...

Recycled: yourwordsmywords

I ...or so it goes

Dear Sarah

A house that sleeps 20 fish so I opened

it to see if it was blank, got good seats in water

that I love, I love I am going, I am going

to write you You can read

about the flood/ You can delete the building, float

down interstate I can’t follow

Everyone who can get free is going is going/ Down below

I never left, got tickets

The island sleeps My biggest fear?

Birds for winter that break on their feet


II Hands that close

Dear Sarah

I am again reminded/ To hand-pray/ We will be hand-healed

I have cards from underneath/ Hands that close/ Close both hands


III The very grateful cliff

(Dear You

I was rock filled I was grateful

caving near headwaters/ The sweetest

kitty of the gorge I was river so pretty

The days of making nature there, the very grateful cliff

My underside pretty hurt where you and uncle went

to medicine/ Couldn’t tell/ Pretty critical I went flying

out the little dog door)


IV Blog blog

Dear Sarah

I have read two cats died on your blog/ Need to get them out, huh? Beat the heat on your blog? The river is where

we went white on your blog/ Are you still sore?

The Ocoeeee takes a long time to heal/ Are you commissioned?

Out spring

on your hot blog/

I have read all the hope poetry/You?

Well, blog blog


V Book a face, (sung in rounds)

Dear Sarah

Book a face, friend a book

Be a face, book a friend

Friend a thank, book me be

I love you I love

Love you I love I

You I you I love love

Letting me Letting me Letting me be

Your face Your face Your face book friend

Your friend Your friend Your friend again

I love you I love

Love you I love I

You I you I love love


VI Verbulated

Dear Sarah

I plan to download, print, frame, display, capture, post, dive, wreck, love, the photos of you--your essence at the beach


VII I feel connected again

Dear Sarah

I’m back I know you read I’m happy to hear our funny home I thought deleted thought you blocked my face

Your new poems I feel I feel connected again


VIII For your birthday

Dear Sarah

would you like the bottom of the hill? A farm, a car,

or a hitherpat tart?

The pretty white house on the right hand side

right before you start up?

Looks in good shape on its outside, but

I know nothing else

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  1. brilliant.
    I especially like the one sung in rounds. I could hear the singsongy flow of it as I read.