Tuesday, December 4, 2012

she is spoken in the field

inside the shape 
horse apples make 

she lies where she   

                  then released each 
into a shape she wanted

(to make the field speak) 
and the citrus   sweet
is the air the apples make 

on her back   citrus   stars every
where she doesn't feel cold   doesn't feel the sock stick
to her toes    but  the stars 
on her skin do burn
horse apples   green
as walls 
and the shape of her body inside the apples
from above:  

for the birds--

for whom she is lying inside the field's speaking   
wordlike she offers everything
and the birds offer everything
back   and stars
everyone everything is offering itself
the same 

in the morning
the white horse will matter
in the field beside the field 
with its

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