Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Science gets into the body.

Science gets into the body.

Davinci drew from death.Though his drawings
were beautiful, they were not always anatomically

he always drew a hole near the heart where
the soul could escape.

These are the limbs.
How wonderful our brain is.
Some lift it out of the body,
cut into the skin and have a look:

Some hover over shoulders of cadavers.
There is a lot of light, an antiseptic smell.

We ask them: take us to the body:

Mostly skin,
with flaps, parts of the body lift out.
There is a bin marked hands and arms. You open it,
and the hands and shoulders
are soaking in preserving fluid.
You reach in and grab whichever
you like.

There are heads cut in half, --half-faces on a table look
just like meat. After you warm up, they are just heads on a table.
They are assymetrically cut to keep the teeth and jaw bone.
The dental schools usually get the heads.

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