Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Nagoro: Valley of dolls

I didnt have much to do so I planted seeds
but none of them sprouted
I thought we needed a scarecrow
so I made one after my dead father
When I make dolls of dead people
the dolls are like my children

Facial expressions: the hardest part,
lips difficult I pull mouth strings
and they smile
I only think about the dolls
They scare some people
because they look so real

In the elements they don't live
as long as humans
I have a doll based on myself
She watches the pot and fire
She's taking a nap now
I don't think about death
I'll probably live forever

*A found poem based on the documentary short Valley of Dolls by Fritz SchumannValley of Dolls
Dolls take the place of former residents in a Japanese town left empty by an ageing population
Fritz Schumann

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