Thursday, April 23, 2015

If I were a fountain

I am in love with a dog-god A famous poet
once told me to never write poems about dogs or dead grandmothers

Did I mention he is famous and is a he I am a not-he but it would be nice
to be an oak tree-- an oak because of the o sound when people beneath

look up and say oh, look at that oak-- sounding painful,
but good-painful like when you are about to sneeze or cum Just listening

to the sound of their o's would cause me to tingle as I would be
a sensitive tree, enjoy pointing my branches at hummingbird-clouds

and dipper-stars, saying look, look But as I was saying, I am not a tree,
a not-he I am a vagina-me I could be better--

I should point at the sky more often I should
put only dimes in a mason jar should not sleep

with a bat beside my bed should vacuum
all the god-hair more often

       And if I were a rose I should open slowly
       If a box I should keep secrets
       If a mirror I should never be touched
       If a table I should not complain
       If a nude portrait I should never blink

And if I were a fountain I should not feel so sorry for all those humans
who live on hope, for all those beautiful wishes I could never grant

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