Saturday, December 14, 2013

I imagined angels because I was alone for so long

They followed me for over a decade-- with their wild hair,
shiny broken teeth, lopsided wings. When I really
needed them they twittled my hair around their yellowed
finger tips. Sometimes I saw them in my cigarette smoke--
And I'd hear them in my head, sense
them staring down from the ceiling. --They read every
word I wrote. Once, when I needed to be alone, I put a blanket
over my head and wrote Leave me/Leave me 111 times. I burned
the paper over the bath tub, watched it curl like pubic hairs
before vanishing into a pile of ash I rinsed down the drain.
But they didn't go away. They whispered
is she going to eat. They laughed
too, when I 'd walk into a bed post or trip
over a snail. Though menacing, they were always
on my side-- good angels, and like me --outcasts,
who never knew when to go away.  

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