Sunday, December 15, 2013

What she wants (to be continued...)

to be wrapped
in strands of lights-- glow
in the corner of someone's room
to eat batteries and pass
them as a highway from Florida to Nebraska 
delivers a bus full of children
to feel light as a jumping bird
to spin in a field of cotton
without guilt or nausea
to eat it all without being full
to taste like honey suckles smell
to be licked
without disappearing
to know the names of every cloud--
to be one for a day
to pray on her knees
to want
to not eat her chapstick
to have pretty handwriting
to be a monk
to climb Everest
to eat cheese
to swim with seals 
to crack a coconut on her knee
to cum
to peel her lip with her fingers
snow, lots of snow

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