Monday, June 1, 2015

something to cry about

I am no good
at handwriting but I can spell w-e-l-l
inside a girl was hard for herself
all flooded like the rest of them
she can hot help her drowning though she tries
to heal via the trees work a little but she needs
she needs she's lost
her grace she goes to healer
has a drum    magic stones and sits
with both feet on ground    teaches
girl how to tap on her face till
all the swallowed feelings come
out of her eyes    nose she even pees
them out    all the yellows she falls
to cushions folds up limb to limb
the weight of it releasing as rain
she comes back to this room healer
for years to heal old places to become
more round in stitches that will heal
her heart's hot sorrow

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