Tuesday, June 2, 2015

the fear which sits in my body's center

they say you can sense danger
through the follicles of your
hair I've always known
something holy about hair
as a girl my boy-cut
made me weep I wanted hair
down my back its feeling
of safety coming down
over my shoulders
like a warm yolk that stays
but as I drive I keep my distance
from the trucks with their cargos
of spikes and poles all the dead
road animals soak in leave imprint
on my mind I see another sign
that says blind drive my hair
just above my shoulders I am so tired
of fear fear fear of knocking
three times of curves taken
too slowly I am not making love
to the hip of a road here
I keep thinking this could be my last
I'll never wear the dress will hang
in the closet as a crushing
of how I once lived of how I hoped
for the aisle leading to her forever
but in my mind I am pole impaled
in a mangle of car metal
I am fighting
for my life the way
I always am
in the reoccuring dream
the snake bite that brings
me to my knees in prayer
when God already knows
she has to know how much for the first time
in my life I want 
to live