Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The things we do to stay alive

I found bricks to hold so I may feel again
the weight of my body    otherwise i'll float
away from the now before me    around
me    surrounding me as though I am lost
in all the empty space    all the planet-potential
at night books cover my body-- the weight
of scalp-to-toe hardback poems whose bathwater
stained pages blanket me in smeared beauty    I dream better
with this alphabetic weight : I dream :

                                                               my whole
                                                               body is wrapped in plaster    beneath shell
                                                               my body shrinks smaller because my bones
                                                               believe they've been forgotten  & my spirit
                                                               shrinks in unison   inverts on itself    black
                                                               hole spitting out used-to-be-stars on the other
                                                               unseen side of the universe where the other me  
                                                               is very real and counting fish beside the river

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