Friday, January 1, 2016

We are all talking about the same God/ you and I

(your round prayers so beautiful (sit beside the window (a row
of spiral shells ))) I am seeing what whispers
look like   this new day started beside light
beside its lumens cloaking me from cold's sadness
when all the creatures around me sleep

If God is in everything    your God/my God
who are the same    I am sitting on God
who is blue and soft and covered in fleece
blankets    God supports my spine    God
is my spine today as I stretch to take down
strings of God-light    take down the glow-hum
the angel put in a box    put into the space above
my head closer to where
God is said to be    I will walk into
the cold God-air    into its thankfulness I'll have

a momentary God's-eye-view of the Earth and I will
take every Broken    and make it beautiful
again    take my arms    whirl them
into grace's field    into the knowing
I never changed in the center where I am
un-broken    I am still


  1. Today, I'm drawn to the image of your God and my God as the same God.
    I look forward to continuing to unwrap this beautiful gift throughout 2016.

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